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Parking lot that was recently striped

How Often Should I Re-Strip My Parking Lot?

December 2, 2022

There are some telltale signs that it is time to restrip your parking lot lines: incorrect markings, faded paint, and an overall appearance in disrepair. However, what exactly does restriping involve? Why is it necessary?

This blog post will discuss the basics of restriping parking lot lines and answer some common questions about the process. If you’re ready, let’s dive in!

What’s the Importance of Parking Lot Restriping?

Restriping parking lot lines is vital for a few reasons. It guarantees that your property complies with local rules and regulations. In most municipalities, there are strict guidelines about how parking lots should be marked.

For instance, handicap-accessible spaces should be designated. Fire lines should be kept clear at all times. Restriping the parking lot lines is ideal to ensure your property complies with all regulations.

Furthermore, parking lot restriping parking lot lines can help strengthen your property’s safety. Remember that well-marked parking lots are less likely to experience injuries and accidents. Restriping can also help stop vehicle damage by marking fire hydrants, curbs, and other obstacles.

Ultimately, restriping your parking lot lines is an excellent way to enhance the overall appearance of your property. Incorrect or faded markings can make your property look neglected and unprofessional. Also, a fresh coat of paint can offer your property a quick facelift and make it more appealing to guests and customers.

So, How Often Should You Restrip Your Parking Lot?

Experts suggest restriping your parking lot lines every one to three years, but it depends on how much traffic your property gets.

For instance, suppose you have a high traffic volume. You may need to restrip your parking lot lines more often. Also, if your property is in a location with harsh weather conditions, you may need to restrip it more frequently to keep the paint job’s quality. If you are planning on sealcoating your parking lot, you will need to have your lot restriped are the sealcoating is done.

When Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?

It is important to restrip every couple of years, but there are a few specific scenarios when restriping is particularly essential:

  • When selling your property – Are you selling your property? Restriping is an excellent way to enhance its curb appeal and make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  • After an accident – If there has been an accident in your parking lot, restriping can help stop future accidents by making the markings and lines more visible.
  • After making changes – Have you changed your parking lot, like removing or adding parking spaces? Restriping is essential to guarantee your changes are reflected in the markings.
  • After repaving – If you have had your parking lot repaved, it’s vital to restrip the lines immediately. That will guarantee your parking lot is properly marked and compliant with all local regulations.

Those are the common scenarios when restriping is needed. However, it’s always a smart idea to consult a paving contractor to get their professional opinion.

Parking lot restriping is essential to keeping a functional and safe parking area. If you require asphalt maintenance and sealcoating services, contact Creative Asphalt today. We would be happy to help you boost the functionality and safety of your parking lot.

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