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Fresno Parking Lot Sealcoating

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Parking Lot Sealing Can Help Extend the Lift of you Asphalt

Over time, asphalt parking lots can wear down and start to show signs of cracking from the abuse of traffic and weather. However, with proper maintenance, a parking lot can last for decades. Sealcoating is one of these important maintenance procedures that’ll make sure your commercial parking lot can live to its fullest potential.

Asphalt Sealcoating protects your parking lot by filling in tiny cracks and filling in small surface voids. This stops water from entering the base, which helps a lot. This is because if your Asphalt’s base becomes waterlogged, it won’t be able to support traffic. Along with this, as Asphalt oxidizes, it loses pliability. Asphalt that is not able to be pliable has a higher chance of cracking.

Sealcoating Increases Pavement’s Lifespan

With a normal parking lot maintenance schedule, your asphalt parking lot can expect to last around 25-30 years. Without maintenance or sealcoating, it’ll only last for around 10-15 years. With maintenance, your Asphalt can live twice as long as normal.

What to Expect When Partnering with Creative Asphalt

Here with Creative Asphalt, our staff will make sure that your experience working with us is amazing. As asphalt contractors, we prioritize two things:

  1. Our work meets and exceeds your expectations
  2. Our customer service meets and exceeds your expectations

With these values in mind, we make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with what you’ve hired us to help with. This mindset is what makes us the best choice around.

Our work already has a great reputation, so the real question is, how do we make sure that we meet and exceed your asphalt maintenance expectations? The most important thing that we’re able to offer is flexible scheduling. If your parking lot can’t close down for asphalt maintenance, we can do repairs and sealcoating in secluded areas, one at a time. And if you can’t afford to lose any of your parking lot at all during the workweek, we can work around your schedule and get the maintenance done over the weekend. Scheduling with us will be a breeze.

Along with this more obvious customer service, we also have more passive customer service skills that we’ve been commended for by past clients. The compliments we get the most are :

  • We offer strong communication
  • Actually, really return phone calls
  • We provide upfront and honest initial work estimates

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Keeps Lot Looking New

Sealcoating an asphalt lot will make it look brand new. This makes your property more visually appealing and welcoming, which in turn can increase property value, along with raising the profile of those who live or work in said building.

  • Slows Wear, Tear, & Oxidization

As said earlier, sealcoating can help protect Asphalt against almost everything that’s a threat to it. By filling cracks, it defends against oxidation, weather, vehicle oils, chemicals, water, and UV rays.

  • Water Protection

Sealcoating especially protects your Asphalt from water, reducing the rate at which your Asphalt absorbs water. This keeps the lot’s base layers from breaking down, which basically means the Asphalt likely won’t crack, potholes most likely won’t show up, and severe weather issues won’t be a problem.

  • Protection From Chemicals

Oil, transmission fluid, and other chemicals that could seep into your Asphalt are kept away from your Asphalt’s base by sealcoating. This gives you time to have it properly cleaned.

How Often Does My Parking Lot Have to be Sealcoated?

If you want your lot to last as long as possible, it’s highly recommended to reseal your lot every 2-3 years for businesses with high rotating traffic, such as fast food restaurants, chain retail stores, groceries, and more.

Low-traffic parking lots for businesses that have a lower traffic rotation, such as office buildings or apartment complexes, can have their Asphalt resealed every 3-4 years.

Keep in mind that these frequencies are based on averages, and certain businesses may have different needs for asphalt sealcoating. Check-in with us if you’re unsure. Creative Asphalt Inc. can help you with your parking lot seal coating project.

Why Choose Creative Asphalt?

Creative Asphalt is a local, family-owned business ready to work directly with you in order to meet and exceed your sealcoating needs. We’d be glad to work with you and ready to work within and around your schedule to provide you the best asphalt maintenance services you’ve ever seen.

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