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Parking Lot Paving

Unkempt commercial parking lot paving in Fresno can directly lead to a loss in customers. When your site looks like it isn’t well taken care of, there is a good chance that your potential clientele will just fully ignore your business - especially if your competitors’ locations look like they have kept up with their maintenance over the years. Creative Asphalt is here to make sure you get your lots looking great while you help keep those customers rolling in.

What to Expect When Partnering with Creative Asphalt

There are two things that are certain when talking about a good commercial paving contractor in Fresno, and those are providing excellence in customer service and offering an excellent product. Creative Asphalt is ready to offer you both of those in spades. We strive to ensure that you love the way your commercial parking lot looks after we’re done, and we want to make sure you are absolutely happy with our conversations, scheduling, and other administrative interactions while working with us. Not only that, but we are on top of the latest trends in asphalt paving projects, we stress sustainability, innovation and durability in each one of our projects.

The whole team at Creative Asphalt Inc. works hard to ensure we are the best commercial asphalt paving contractor in and around Fresno. To achieve this goal, we will work hard to meet all of your needs at every stage in all your asphalt projects’ needs. Because of this, we get the job done around your scheduling needs and whether only portions of your lot can be sectioned off at any given time.

New Construction

Those planning a new commercial project around Fresno are encouraged to reach out to Creative Asphalt Inc. as soon as possible. For new constructions, we start by getting the area ready through excavation and grading. Once the site is ready for Asphalt, we begin with spreading and tamping down base layers. With the initial asphalt foundation laid, we do additional grading to make the surface smooth to drive on while allowing for rain and stormwater to wick away.

Parking Lot Replacement

Replacing an entire parking lot is a fairly large project to undertake, and we only recommend this option in situations where sealcoating, asphalt patching, or using any other kind of overlay just is no longer enough to get the lot operational again. There are a few surefire things that could lead to needing your entire parking lot replaced, including:

  • An endless flow of heavy traffic
  • The Asphalt is decades of years old
  • Maintenance was rare, if not entirely neglected

No matter what may have led to the state of your parking lot, Creative Asphalt Inc. is ready to get started with replacing your lot. Afterward, we’ll be happy to help you set up a maintenance schedule that keeps your lot fully functional and looking great for decades to come, we can also provide tips on proper parking lot maintenance to ensure your new lot last a long time..

Parking Lot Asphalt Overlays

For the vast majority of parking lots, the chance that you actually have to fully replace a parking lot is fairly small. Still, there are lots that might require a less intensive process than the parking lot replacement option discussed above and something more demanding than simply sealcoating the space. For these in-between situations, parking lot asphalt overlays are a perfect option.

With asphalt overlays, we mill and flatten the existing surface to ensure grading is correct, then apply an adhesive tack to hold newly-laid Asphalt to the older surface. In less than a day, an overlay like this will make an old lot look new again.

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