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Fresno Residential Driveway Sealcoating

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Driveway Sealcoating

Asphalt driveways need occasional maintenance to make sure they live their fullest potential. Keeping this in mind, there are a few things you want to look for to check whether or not you need to sealcoat your driveway pavement:

  • A multitude of small cracks in the asphalt
  • Asphalt color turning grey
  • Aggregates, such as small rocks or gravel, breaking free from the binding

What Partnering with Creative Asphalt Means

Working with us here at Creative Asphalt, we take great care to provide excellent customer service and completed projects as your expert driveway sealer. Because of this, we make sure to only provide excellent work with top-of-the-line materials when it comes to our asphalt sealing services, as well as taking careful steps to work within your schedule. When it comes to customer service, we’ve been told we fare much better against the competition in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Having strong communication
  • Returning phone calls quickly
  • Upfront, honest estimates and pricing
  • Quick turnaround

Why Should I Sealcoat My Driveway?

If a driveway isn’t sealcoated, the asphalt's lifespan can shorten rapidly. Keeping this in mind, if asphalt is never sealcoated, you can expect to see a driveway fail to work after only ten years rather than the average of 30. This is because of oxidation of the top layer, which causes a dry and brittle surface, which leads to cracks, as well as gravel, chipped rocks, and other aggregate coming out of the worn asphalt.

As time goes on, asphalt breaks down without sealcoating because water finds its way into cracks in the aging asphalt and reaches the base. After water works its way through and into your asphalt’s base layers, the lower materials can get messed up real bad. This can make larger cracks in the asphalt, leading to potholes or a gross-looking “alligator cracking” look. If your driveway gets to this point, the only real option is a very costly full replacement. Driveway sealing is the best way to maintain the surface of your driveway and ensure it's longevity.

Going past just protecting your asphalt driveway, sealcoating will also improve the curb appeal of your home. Because of this, our driveway sealing services can help you increase your home’s potential resale value.

How Does Sealcoating Help?

  • Increased Flexibility

With the darker surface that asphalt sealing brings, your driveway will be able to retain heat much easier. Warmth in driveways translates to better flexibility, which helps protect against cracks and potholes.

  • Better Curb Appeal

Driveway sealing can change your driveway from a bland, drab-looking gray color to a fresh, dark black look.

  • Slown Down Oxidation

As time goes on, oxidation can cause cracks and other issues in your pavement. Sealcoating your asphalt driveway helps protect from oxidation, along with harsh weather, UV rays, and oils from vehicles.

  • Protects against water damage

Driveway sealcoating helps stop water from pouring into the base materials.

Residential Sealcoating FAQ

There are quite a few questions that we’ve been asked when it comes to driveway sealcoating over the past few years, and most of them can be answered here:

How often should I sealcoat my driveway?

For driveways that have already been sealed, your asphalt should be sealcoated around every 3 years. This really just depends on how much vehicle traffic you’re expecting on your driveway, though, but 3 years is just an average.

Newly-installed asphalt driveways have a period of time lasting around 6-12 months after installation before it needs to be sealcoated. This time window allows the asphalt to completely settle and lets oils and substances from the initial installation to separate and wash out. Sealcoating your asphalt too early can trap those substances in your pavement, which definitely isn’t something anyone wants.

How long will it take to sealcoat my driveway? 

With regular maintenance, the sealcoating process should only take about a day. Depending on how bad the wear and tear of your driveway it, driveway sealing could take two days.

When can I drive on my driveway again?

After the sealcoat has been spread, your asphalt should be ready to drive on after around 24-48 hours. Walking on it is okay after around 8-12 hours after being put down. Keep in mind that this time window depends on outside temperature, sunlight, and humidity, so feel free to ask us directly.

Does Creative Asphalt use coal tar sealants?

Absolutely not, and you shouldn’t work with any contractor who does, because coal tar sealants are illegal in California. Studies have shown time and time again that they’re terrible for the environment, but also that it’s a horrible toxin for people to breathe when working with it.

Why Choose Creative Asphalt?

We’re the best choice for driveway sealcoating in Fresno. Here’s why:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Personal and friendly customer service
  • We’ll work with and around your schedule

Our main priority is making sure your asphalt driveway looks as good as new, and that our time spent together is amazing. As your Fresno leader in driveway sealing, we look forward to working with you on your project. 

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