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Eco Friendly Driveway Options: Paving a Sustainable Path

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You care about the environment. In fact, your new car is going to be an EV, but have you thought about where you park that vehicle? Your driveway has an environmental impact too, and reducing that is an important step towards a sustainable future.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Driveways

Traditional driveways contribute to a wealth of issues in urban and suburban areas. While the impact of each driveway is small, it adds up. Three issues to consider:

Heat Island Effect and Contribution to Urban Heat

Cities experience a heat island effect. Daytime temperatures in a city can be as much as 7 degrees higher than in outlying areas. This adds to the stress on people, pets, plants, and wildlife. All paved areas contribute to the heat island because they absorb and re-emit heat from the sun higher than, say, your lawn.

Stormwater Runoff and Water Pollution

Paved areas, including driveways, also cause water to run off quickly rather than being absorbed into the soil. This increases the risk of floods. Soil is also a natural filter for pollutants, whilst water than runs straight from your driveway into the storm drain still contains anything it might have picked up, including chemicals used to clean cars, motor oil and grease.

Depletion of Natural Resources for Conventional Materials

While asphalt and concrete can be recycled, a lot isn't. Concrete can also be recycled into aggregate, but this is not often used for new concrete. Due of concerns about quality, it's typically used as sub base or to make gravel. This means that your conventional driveway uses new materials and depletes resources that are not renewable. Concrete production also uses a lot of energy and water resources.

Eco Friendly Driveways Are Paving the Way for Sustainability

So, what are your options for a more sustainable and eco friendly driveway? Depending on your specific circumstances, you can consider:

Permeable Pavers

Permeable or pervious pavers are typically concrete bricks with slight gaps between them, but there are other designs that can be used. The idea is that water can flow through the gaps down into the void under the service, and then filtered through the soil. Permeable pavers dry faster and are less slippery as well as reducing pollution. Most permeable driveways can take up to 3 inches of rain at a time.

Recycled Materials

You can also choose to make your driveway out of recycled asphalt. An advantage of this is that it can actually be cheaper than brand new or scratch asphalt. This reduces the amount of energy used to create your driveway and slows the depletion of natural resources, without any loss of function. Recycled asphalt is an excellent way to build a durable, sustainable eco friendly driveway and may include some cost benefits as well.

Gravel Driveways

Another option is to choose a gravel driveway over a paved one for your eco friendly driveway. Gravel driveways are low maintenance and allow for natural drainage, and you can choose from a variety of colors to complement your home. Gravel makes an environmental and aesthetic statement (and can be made from recycled concrete).

Limiting the Overall Paved Area

Lastly, don't pave any more of your driveway than you need to. Use landscaping and vegetation at the edge of your driveway to shade it from the sun and reduce the amount of energy it absorbs. If you no longer have two or three cars, consider removing part of your driveway.

Additional Considerations

Deciding which eco-friendly solution to use can be difficult. Some things to consider:

Local Regulations

Check the regulations in your area for the use of specific materials. They may have different permitting requirements. Some jurisdictions may be encouraging the use of specific materials. For example, if you live in a major run-off area, there may be a push to use permeable pavers.

Maintenance Needs

Research how long the option you are considering lasts and how much maintenance it needs. For example, gravel can be very low maintenance, but slowly tends to migrate into the street, requiring replacement material.


Lastly, don't forget your home's curb appeal. If you have a brick home, you may be able to get permeable pavers that match your home's color and look like your driveway is also brick, for example. You don't have to compromise aesthetics, in fact you can improve them!

Making an Eco-Conscious Choice

The right choice depends on where you are. Consider:

Weighing the Environmental Benefits and Drawbacks of Each Option

While all of these options are eco-friendly, you need the one that is best for your specific location. Are you on the top of a hill and generating a ton of run-off? Consider gravel or permeable pavers. Are you redoing your driveway? Consider whether you can downsize it or work with a landscaper to minimize sun absorption.

Consulting with a Professional Paving Contractor for Expert Advice

A professional residential paving contractor knows what other people in your area have done and what has worked well. They are familiar with local regulations and permitting. Even if you don't know where to start, then talking to a professional can help you move in the right direction.

Contact Creative Asphalt Inc. today! We are committed to sustainable practices, and we offer a variety of eco-friendly driveway solutions in Fresno, CA and surrounding areas. Partnering with us is a responsible decision for sustainability and our future. We can help you find the perfect option that minimizes your environmental footprint and complements your property.

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